TimmySpec in DSPORT!

may 2013 cover

Back in 2010 DSPORT magazine approached me to try out a set of my MIT10CA adjustable rear control arms in Evo they were building and testing.  Fast forward..ahhem..cough.. a few years and they are finally wrapping up that build and they’ve featured TimmySpec arms in their new products section on page 26 of the May 2013 issues.add up close

Its kind of cool to see something you’ve worked on and tested finally show up in print.  Too bad they didn’t put the website address in the article.  They did manage to get the phone number in there so I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy prank phone calls I get.

They should have the final wrap up of the Evo X featuring TimmySpec arms in the June 2013 edition.

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